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Computer Not Found

I'm having a problem with Norton System Doctor working on Win XP Pro.
At first it would not work at all and would "hang" the computer whenever I
started Norton System Doctor. A little experimenting resulted in NSD
working (sort of) as long as I disabled the RAID controller card (some sort
of conflict?). However it still will not allow me to customize the
performance data sensors. It gives me a "Computer Not Found" message.
Have uninstalled and re-installed it 6 times but no change. This is a multi
boot computer (eMachines 633ids) and NSD works fine when I'm in Win ME
and Win 98SE. It also works fine on my other computer (HP Media Center). Both the emachines XP Pro and the HP Media Center XP Pro were
done from the exact same CD. Have messed with this problem for some
time and am at a loss trying to solve it. Any ideas?
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