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The K64325's Scroll Ring stopped working suddenly.
So, I torn it down to find why it had failed.

Dirt and hair had gotten inside, blocking the photo interrupter.
But, that wasn't all that was wrong.

After I cleaned out most of the dirt and hair.
I saw that some hair had rapped around the leads of the photo interrupter.
Thus, when the slotted scroll ring was turned, it pulled on the hair, and the leads.
This caused the leads to break loose from the solder connection on the PCB.

After I removed the last of the hair.
I repaired the solder connections to the leads of the photo interrupter.
Then used Q-tips with isopropyl alcohol to clean it, the ball beads, and lens.
I put some more Teflon Grease on the Bead Bearings of the Scroll Ring.

The scroll ring is working good again, as is the rest of the Trackball.
But this failure was unexpected.

Signed: Ensign Tzap
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