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bot96 April 10th, 2021 01:27 AM

Update Magisk problems.
Updated magisk today, nothing happened. can not open app. anyone else have this problem. Thanks to all.

zipulrich April 10th, 2021 01:58 AM

What version of Android, and is your phone already rooted?

bot96 April 10th, 2021 02:22 AM

ver 9 rooted.

bot96 April 10th, 2021 03:10 AM

after a reboot it is fine.

bot96 April 10th, 2021 03:12 AM

I would like to do a backup in TWRP but it does not see internal storge. (encrypted ) pixel 3. forced encryption.

bot96 April 10th, 2021 03:13 AM

how do i decrypt pixel 3 and not lose all my data?.

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