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Total Noob February 3rd, 2021 01:01 AM

Does snow affect a router?
We had a 15 inch blizzard, and since them, the signal is extremely weak from our Verizon proprietary router. The signal barely gets out of the room the router is in.

Does snow do something to affect the signal?

lufbra February 3rd, 2021 09:13 PM

Can't you call Verizon, and tell them the problem? They ALWAYS help us if ever we need any, and it doesn't cost any extra, since we're paying for their service.

Total Noob February 5th, 2021 06:12 AM


Originally Posted by lufbra (Post 1309412)
Can't you call Verizon, and tell them the problem? They ALWAYS help us if ever we need any ...

No. Verizon is horrible. When our TV channels started schizzing out intermittently on different channels at various times, I called b/c the company advertised during the pandemic it has 24/7/365 service, and of course it didn't.

Then it immediately blamed the wiring in our house -- which it installed -- and tried to get us to pay big bucks to replace all of it, and of course now it works fine and the problem was its inadequate bandwidth.

When dealing with its predecessor, AT&T, this once happened. I called in for support and Spoke to Miss Jones to no avail because she was incompetent. So I asked for her boss and got Miss Smith, who was worse. So I asked for her boss and got Miss Brown, who was even worse. So I asked for her boss, and was passed to Miss Jones.

I have yet to have a satisfactory result from a phone company. They always blame something else - the third party manufactured equipment, the user, the lines, the power company, and so on - to deflect paying customers.

And they did it even when they were monopolies and there wasn't anyone else.

lufbra February 5th, 2021 05:20 PM

WOW! What with a faulty washing machine and now this, you don't have much luck. But I still think you should call the company and have them check to see if everything is okay from their end. I don't see how anyone here can help, without being able to test anything.

It'sMe February 19th, 2021 03:11 AM

Inside the building/home/whatever there shouldn't be a weakening of the signal due to either cold or bad weather outside --- rain/snow/whatever.

But I understand in some regions suffering from these winter storms there has been trouble with a stable electrical current and if the equipment anywhere along the line from them to you is not receiving a stable electrical current you could then have trouble.

Well, I am not a tech specialist in this particular field, but that explanation is based on other equipment that requires a steady supply of electricity and I would suspect along the train of equipment that supports that signal the same would apply as in a lot of other equipment.

Ned Seagoon February 23rd, 2021 03:18 PM

One thought, if content delivery is by cable, cold will cause contraction of metallic parts. A faulty or poorly soldered connector may not make proper contact in cold conditions. Same applies for poor soldering on printed circuit boards in externally mounted routers etc.

The Dude August 14th, 2021 01:56 AM

I also notice when there is deep snow outside my speed is slower sometimes,I dunno....

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