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John McGhee September 2nd, 2021 04:51 PM

Not full screen
My pages are not covering the full screen and I cannot access the "maximise" button. Only the "minimise" 0ne is visible and I Whilst I can move page up I cannot move it any further left. Any help would be appreciated.

Murf September 3rd, 2021 01:38 AM

Try grabbing the end of the screen and drag it over, do this for the top, bottom, and both sides. Once you get it full screen then hit the Maximize button, then close and reopen, should be normal.

The Dude September 7th, 2021 07:08 AM

You can try pressing F11 also,that should make it go full screen..... (@ least on all IE versions it does)

Good luck buddy :)

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