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AnnMarie June 19th, 2007 11:21 PM

The risks of obtaining and using pirated software
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Key findings
•25 percent of the Web sites we accessed offering counterfeit product keys, pirated software, key generators or crack tools attempted to install either malicious software or potentially unwanted software. A significant number of these Web sites attempted to install malicious or unwanted code.
•11 percent of the key generators and crack tools downloaded from Web sites contained either malicious or potentially unwanted software.
•59 percent of the key generators and crack tools downloaded from peer-to-peer networks contained either malicious software or potentially unwanted software. A significant amount of malicious or unwanted code was present in the key generators and crack tools.
•The cost of recovering from an incident of malicious software on a single workstation could exceed one thousand dollars (USD). The cost of lost or compromised data could exceed tens of thousands of dollars (USD) per incident. Thus, the cost savings of using pirated software could be eradicated with a single security breach.
•The malicious and unwanted code found is indicative of the shift noted by security professionals in attackers' motivations. Attacks have evolved from hacking for fun to seeking confidential information assets and other malisiouc intent. By offering pirated software, crack tools, and key generators, attackers could lure potential victims.
•There are several methods for obtaining and using counterfeit software, including acquiring counterfeit product keys, obtaining "key generator" programs, and using crack tools to bypass licensing and activation mechanisms. IDC investigated the security risks of visiting the Web sites and peer-to-peer networks that use these methods to distribute counterfeit software.
•Simple Web searches often led to Web sites that offered pirated software, key generators, crack tools, and so on. Furthermore, it was easy to locate key generators and crack tools for Microsoft Windows and the Microsoft Office System.

AnnMarie June 19th, 2007 11:22 PM

Before posting your logs and seeking help in the Cyber Safety Forum, you should know that this site does NOT help anyone we suspect has obtained software illegally and any such topics will be closed without any further discussion. You should also know that some software you may be asked to run will identify pirated software and cracks. Additionally, in the event of a complaint or legal action arising from any message posted by you, we may be forced to reveal your identity (or whatever information we know about you).

Therefore, if your malware problem is the result of an illegal download of a file, software package or crack from a website or using a p2p program, do not waste your time and ours. Our best advice is to reformat and purchase the music, movie, game or program you stole.

In the instance that illegal software was downloaded and installed by a minor, relative or friend - Dad, Mom or Owner, please click here for more information regarding software piracy.

Jintan June 21st, 2017 08:19 PM

Just an update on this subject. Since we are here to help folks, we truly don't want to exclude helping just because folks made some bad choices in the past. So before posting a new request thread, please uninstall any illegal software, and delete any illegal software files.

If we see any in initial scans, we will stop the repair process, to allow the person to remove the illegal software. However, if illegal software still shows in subsequent scan logs, then yes, we will close the request thread. Thanks.

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