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AnnMarie January 31st, 2007 12:40 AM

Slow Computer?
Before you post a topic in Malware Removal forum, please run through the below checklist and make sure that you have tried all options.

1. If the issue co-incides with installation of new software, uninstall any new programs from Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel and reboot.

2. If the issue co-incides with the installation of a driver or other hardware related component, roll back or uninstall the driver/disconnect the hardware and reboot.

3. Have you run Disk Cleanup and defragged recently? If not, please do so. Win9x/ME users should run scandisk first.

4. If the problem is only when you connect to the Internet, have you spoken to your ISP? If not, please do so before posting a log.

5. Check for unnecessary startups. Use msconfig (Start > Run and type msconfig and ok. Click on the Startup Tab and uncheck any startups that are not required). You can check which programs are required to run at startup here (Status N = not required, Y = required, X = malware). Just feed in filename and search.

6. Boot into Safe Mode and compare Safe Mode with your normal startup in Windows. Safe Mode should be slower due to more conservative settings but if it's faster, the problem is probably software related and this could include malware. See here for help on how to boot into Safe Mode if you need it.

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