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Old October 5th, 2019, 08:03 PM
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Notwithstanding Amazon, globalization, etc, it is getting harder and more expensive to be a consumer. This extends from computing to regular purchases.

We are all familiar with feature shock -- the useless adds tacked onto computers and software that don't do anything for a normal person except add to the price.

But try to buy a car or a major appliance today. It is going to be filled with pointless electronics that are prone to breaking down, and you've got no choice but to take it up the posterior.

I wanted a stripped down car because we repeatedly had problems with electronics in our old cars -- failed sensors, windows that would not move, the failure of the whole friggin harness -- but it was almost impossible. I lucked into the last year that a Camry or any Toyota isn't loaded down with a $4,000 entertainment/GPS center that is bound to fail and that we won't use because my phone is fine for GPS and downloaded music and podcasts and because my wife only listens to AM and then only to the traffic reports. I don't need a surround sound that will drown out sirens before it fails entirely in a year or two, if it has not already been rendered obsolete by then.

I would have preferred one with no entertainment at all, but instead we are still stuck with a $1000 setup including bluetooth that is extremely complicated to hook up, doesn't sound too good, is terrible with phone calls, and doesn't always work, and which I bet is probably insecure and sending back our location and voice samples like our Alexa does to bad guys because there is no way to get anything that does not have that stuff.

I would get it if the products were cheaper because they roll off assembly lines designed to expedite by installing identical customer packages in every car that comes off them, but that is not how those lines work at all. You can upgrade every feature very specifically to your heart's content with custom factory installs, but are prohibited from choosing none of the above, just let it go by this time.

You wouldn't eat in a restaurant where they won't hold the ketchup if you order it that way. But you have no choice when it comes to buy a car.

And I would get it if the makers said "everyone wants these items so we build for the masses, and that makes our lives easier when we have to sell the cars." False. There's a lot of crap no one wants or uses but they sell the cars with the stuff because the end buyer has no choice. In fact, they will charge even more to remove an unwanted item and then resell it to the first guy who comes in with it already having broken.

Today I have to buy a fridge. Fridges that are the size of our space uniformly come with ice makers and usually come with external water dispensers that use up a lot of electricity, aren't practical because they splash water and ice all over the kitchen but don't drain, and require $100 a year in filters. Even the salesmen don't like selling them that way because they are prone to repeated failure and it is bad for their business to sell you an object that is impractical and prone to failure. You can't sell another item to a customer you have screwed once.

But there's no real choice other than to use an ill-fitting and gruesome looking much smaller alternate.

Not every fridge has an exterior dispenser, but most do. Some purveyors allow you to turn off -- but not remove -- the ice maker to limit the risk of failure and reduce the energy waste and the risk of falling in puddles caused by splashes, though there remains the loss of paid for space filled with the useless ice making gear. But some also require users to hook up a water line even if they are not going to use the ice maker, adding hundreds of dollars of plumbing and other installation costs anyway for anyone not on top of it enough to ask about models sold without that requirement.

What a freakin world. We are supposed to be improving it. Instead, we have big companies nickel and diming everyone everywhere, and then Trump.
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Old October 5th, 2019, 09:49 PM
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You absolutely crack me up. Probably the best and most entertaining post I've read anywhere in a month or more. Outstanding
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