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Old September 11th, 2020, 06:27 PM
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A tough challenge for Audio Experts?

Ok, this is unusual.
If you are impatient, unkind or a snide person,
please move on now.

Still with me?

Ok. I am old, age 60, don't know much of anything about
computers or other tech. I have a great deal of anxiety. I get easily confused and rapidly frustrated. You can't assume I understand acronyms or terms.

I have a windows 10 PC

The computer did not come with a DVD player. I do not own a television.
So, have to play DVD movies on the computer somehow, soo.....

Brought out my very old DVD player, and my very old stereo receiver, and some
large wired speakers (no rca plugs on them).

No idea how I got this working.
HDMI cable from DVD to monitor.
RCA cables from receiver to DVD player. Speakers attached to receiver. Receiver has to be switched according to source to get
sound from either the internet or the DVD player.

had to buy a third party manual switch to shift video from internet to dVD

This problem / issue goes all the way back to when I had VHS / DVD attached to a cathode tube television.

What I want to solve is this: sound leveling from computer, music CD, radio, DVD player, streaming internet.

By that I mean, explosions and music are often so loud that they physically hurt my ears, and dialog is often so soft that I have to rewind to find out what was said.

I want one solution, something ULTRA simple and intuitive and user friendly that I can use to set the sound.

I don't want every sound to be equal.
I just want to put a limit on how high the high will go, how low the low will go......."If you exceed 45 decibles, reduce to 30 instantly"

That sort of thing. Obviously, no lag in this sound correction would be tolerable.

Speakers: Phillips, FWB-MC50/17, 3139 118 78500, impedence 6 ohm, serial E0209236

Receiver: Insignia brand, model IS-HC040918

DVD player: Phillips, DVP 3962/37

Computer monitor: Auria model EQ196L ( or possibly EQ226L, EQ236L. Manual unclear)

Keyboard, Hewlett packard. model too tiny to read completely. partial is: 5335U

Computer: Windows 10, CyberpowerPC, C series BIOS p4.20
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