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Old November 20th, 2019, 03:21 AM
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W10 Does Not Remove Admin Password for User

I have a W10 computer. Main ADMIN account and a standard USER account. Anytime the user did something it required the admin password. On two other computers, all the same thing, I changed the USER from standard to admin so the password prompt stops coming up for them. However doing so on this third computer did not work. It still asks for the password even though under the ADMIN account USER does show as administrator. Also, the MAIN account can not access folders because I am denied but the USER account can, as long as the password is entered.
I did the exact same thing on all three laptops. All setup and configured the same way side by side. Everything in settings look correct just laptop 3 is not doing what it is supposed to.
Any thoughts why USER still asking for ADMIN password?
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