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Old May 20th, 2020, 08:15 PM
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Win not loading right - no icons and win suspended

I've searched and applied various fixes the past few days with no luck

Restarted explorer from task manager

Restarted sihost

Ran sfc tool said it found corrupt files but couldn't fix them

Ran dism it got 82% thru then stopped

When starting my computer like usual I can login but my desktop never loads. No icons and I can see my cursor but when I put it in the lower Taskbar error it just has the spinning busy symbol perpetually

I can access task manager by control alt delete and that takes a while to load and I see the main windows explorer have a status of suspended. Restarting it solves nothing

On the sign-in page I can hold shift and click restart to get to the trouble shooter to get into safe mode or repair etc but my laptop screen is damaged and unreadable and I have read safe mode has trouble coming up on an external monitor?

But I did get it to boot up in safe mode that way somehow bypassing that but I dunno what I did differently if anything as now I can't get back there. I ran dism thing while I was in safe mode but it got stuck around 82 %

I tried updating windows then restarted but now I can't get back to safe mode... Or at least I can't see it on my external mon
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Old May 21st, 2020, 03:47 AM
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Did you by chance make a recovery USB? Probably not or you would of tried. Get a USB stick and make one. Then boot up from it to try and repair Windows.

Several ways to make one, if you have access to a computer with Windows 10 on it then:


If not then create one here:

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