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Old June 6th, 2019, 07:52 AM
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secure connection

I manage a non-profit web site consisting of a large database, mostly pdf files, and an html home page which lists the links to the base files.
The site was built with a now obsolete program. But I can add, from time to time, some new documents and links, using the same old program.
AWStats reports this year a traffic of ~600 daily visitors, but I feel a reduction of visits number in the last months. Therefore I checked the status of the site by entering the URL into the Google slot of my PC and received a page saying
"This site canít provide a secure connection
sefer-li.net uses an unsupported protocol."
Please advise Ė what happens and what can be done.
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Old June 11th, 2019, 02:26 PM
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Well if thats all you have on your site you dont need HTTPS . Google is trying to scare people and force them all to SSL when its not really needed.......

Its hard though when they make thier browsers not allow them to goto a site just because it isnt HTTPS,thats taking control away from the user and thats not good.....

Good luck
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Old July 30th, 2019, 04:44 PM
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You can just use a free SSL like the one by Let's Encrypt.
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Old August 9th, 2019, 06:19 PM
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Welcome to CTH wonderstone.... Yes i suppose he could do that and easily......
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