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unstable gpu usage in open world games only

So i have bought new laptop dell inspiron 7577 with gtx 1060 maxq and intel i7 7700HQ 2.80GHz but every time i try to play any open world game like the Witcher or final Fantasy xv or pubg even amazing spiderman etc... My gpu usage be like 70 or 60% temps 65c and CPU 40% or 50% temps 75c and my fps be like 40 or so and some times gpu usage be like 30% if i lower the graphics and the fps be 50 or 60 if iam standing still... But if iam playing indoor like rainbow six sege the gpu works fine (NOT USING VSYNC)....and when i send it to the shop they said every thing works fine in the hardware....and i downloaded all the drivers from dell website...any ideas.
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