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My computer start freezing up some time ago and now it freezes everytime I turn it on. It doens't matter what I'm doing the machine locks up. You can turn it on and leave it on and guaranteed in a half hour it locks up and you have to reboot to get it going again. It locks whether you are working on it or not.I've tried everything. I have a hardware monitor for temp and dont notice the CPU heating up or the CPUfan speed slowing down at all .I reformatted the hard drive, repartitioned and reloaded a fresh version of XP. I noticed running a memory test that the computer could especially lock up and I was running 256 megs of PC2100 (Viking) and I took that out and replaced it with 256 MB of Mushkin (also PC2100 256MB). The memory test ran fine with the new memory but then low and behold 20 minutes later the machine locked up again. I am running a SOYO P4VGA motherboard and a Pentium 4 2.4mhz 533 fsb processor. Both are only a few months old. I tested the processor with a stress test and it seems fine. I am running just XP on the machine with no additional software because at first I thought it might be a software issue. I've even dusted out the machine . I have also run ADAWARE and have found no malware on the machine.


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