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Standards. What use are they if not adhered to?
There is a standard about stiffness in the intel CPU socket.
(Max bend of motherboard with stock cooler springs.)

Add some heat, and resin based stuff weakens.
Steel plate would not weaken much in stiffness until 246 centigrade, right?
(at 100 centigrade soft carbon steel plate will lose some of its optimum tensile strenght. At 286 centigrade hardened steel starts to weaken some. (the elacticity curve)
In standard cold deep molded autobody and folded case steel we are talking about construction stiffness, and a 46 elasticity number can have manifold when properly folded.
(yep, a hard as steel pun)

Take it from me, that mobo resin is nowhere near those numbers, at 80 centigrade, and if the ManuFactor of a machine saves a few cent by not properly fixing all supports the mobo has only itself to stand up to the strains.
(By the way, bolt tightening has some rules by itself.. Like the elasticity of the lowest. Like in, too tight, the bolt will come loose when stress or temp vary up.)

The MF saving on the number of screws, screws ya, that mobo will bend beyond specs..
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