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new video card and memory?

I think I need more ram and a new video card.
I have a Dell Demision 4700 Windows XP 512 ram GeForce7300 GS Pent 4 and
I not sure what else you need to know. The problem I've been having is when I play the Sims 2. I just added 2 more exp pac. and it beens really loggy. I went on the Sims resource site and haven't been able to find answers. After about 2 hour of play time it will run really slow, very very slow.
I had in the last 2 or 3 months added 2 exp pac and I do have custom content, but you need to use sims clean pac which I do . I also scan every thing before opening it, plus discclean and defrag
The game will do a quick flash and then it will go to the blue and the hour glass will flip end over end for about 20. Sometimes When it goes back to the game everythings in pixals. If that happens I restart the game and on the desktop I get the message low on virtual memory. 1 nite I left the messgage on and the virtual memory message was still the, but whent I restrated it, it was gone Other times the screen will go black and the only thing I can do is restart it with the power button. When it boots back up I get a message that the pc has recovered from a fatal error and it was the video driver, but my driver is up to date
So my question is if I get more memory will I need 2 sticks and what do you think about upgragding to a different video card

I really need help with this, I'm on disability and my pc is my only fun

Thank you.
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