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Originally Posted by Ned Seagoon
Unfortunately others seem intent to mislead the unwary, with their empty endorsement of of a product that has not caused them any problems, they seem to be blind to the fact that such a statement is meaningless. It does not prove that it will not cause a problem, all it does is confirm that they have done something risky and got away with it.
No....These programs ARE NOT FOR BEGGINERS!!

Only ppl who are experienced should use one because if someone goes to the STARTUP TAB ENTRY (regseeker) and removes everything from it,there will be issues....

Regseeker has 2 different categorys.... RED and GREEN .. The green entries are safe to remove,the RED ENTRIES may be connected to something and SHOULD NOT BE BLINDLY REMOVED! (Even after a scan) - I have had many RED entries come up but I DO NOT DELETE THEM!! (An inexperienced user may)

No REG CLEANERS are not your average tool for just anyone -- They CAN cause un-needed problems!! (No one is saying they dont)
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