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For the sake of exploring this idea as posted by the OP, may I ask, WindowsXPer, how you made the determination that particular product is safe?

As you admit to being a beginner, I wonder what factors caused you to have peace of mind in that product.

By the way, I completely agree that one needs to be extremely careful using any of these products. I'm not so sure I would recommend any beginner to use any of the prouducts, unless I knew I had some way of keeping tabs on what's happening on that beginner's unit. For that I have always recommended CCleaner because of the use of the list first and choose. But even that requires extreme care.

By the way, I am in no way meaning to endorse that particular product and there are very likely other products that show a list to choose from and all that, but I haven't done any research on registry cleaners in about a year or so. Well, now that I think about it, maybe further back. That product was the one a chose out of necessity and I did do a fair bit of research first.

renegad600 makes a good point about improving harddrive efficiency.

Another matter to consider is anti-malware programs and removing from the registry entries that could cause conflict if you are switching products. Yes, it's best to follow instructions from a particular company's staff and just go into the registry and manually remove what needs removing, but even that for beginners is scary. And I know some folks I simply wouldn't let into a registry even if ... Okay, I better not end that sentence. Might not be so civil, if standards are high here, which I hope they are. But you get my point that some people just don't belong in a registry, unless it's a training exercise and the unit being used for training has already been given up as soon to be going to cyber heaven.


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