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Windows Registry Cleaners -Are they Safe

I have seen many posts about registry cleaners, in fact at one time I would recommend them. However, as age creeps up on all of us, and learning more about Windows over the years, my opinion has drastically changed.

My thoughts on using Windows Registry cleaners, what's your experience with them.

What does registry cleaner do;

1. Cleans out "Orphan" entries however, it actually creates mini-gaps in the registry file

2. Registry will become fragmented and searching data in a fragmented file is way slower than it is in a optimized file, the only way to speed up the handling of the registry is rewriting the file(s).

3. Registry cleaner will not improve system speed, the only difference you will notice is the speed of searching the registry, and how many times do you do that.

4. Actually constant cleaning of the registry will fragment it and could result is slower system performance. IMO I would rather have some orphan entries then having some cleaner deleting something it should not of.

5. Some cleaners will actually mark some Good entries for removal and skip the so called bad entries.

6. Programs such as Ccleaner can be very dangerous to your computer, No registry cleaner is safe

7. If you must remove something from the registry do it manually.

8. People have used registry cleaners with no problems and will swear by them, are you willing to take the chance? What benefits do you get by cleaning it?

9. There are many registry cleaners on the market and some have been rated by so called "experts", obviously those "experts" are trying to get you to buy them.

10. Finally, I believe you can spend your money on more wisely then investing in a registry cleaner. Registry cleans can do more harm than good. If your registry gets infected by Malware, then visit the CTH Malware removal forum and they will get you back up and running.
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