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how do I change the rename convention?

I work with files in bulk and I want to rename them using the convention in which "filename (x).***" is used to sequence them. With other versions of Windows, I highlight all the files whose names I want to change, designate the first one as "filename (X).***", and the rest become "filename (X+1)" "filename (X+2)" and so on. This works even if X is more than one, which can happen if I have moved the lower numbered ones elsewhere for filing purposes.

However, with Vista only, if I choose to start with X being more than 1 and there is no lower number in the folder, the names change to "filename (1)" "filename (2)" and so on, not to X+1. X+2 and so on. I can't figure out change the convention so as to continue to progress upwards from whatever X currently is.

Does someone have the solution?

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