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Yes, I know that this is possibly not the correct exact location on
the forum to ask this question. It's not that I'm lazy or hasty, it is that I
am overwhelmed.

There are a lot of "solutions" to things on the internet. That is the problem.
Too much information, and not tailored to the exact situation I find myself in.

Using Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium edition.

download is Dino Crisis 2 for PC, from

I have zero experience trying to do this.

With difficulty, I used Winzip to extract the download, producing BIN and CUE files.

Not knowing what to do next, I used IMGBURN to try to turn these into ISO files.

This appeared to require the burning of a physical CD, which I did.

Then I tried to launch the game. There was a small icon for doing so, but it only loads and repeats the animation before game start, never goes to the buttons that say "Start Game"

I then flailed around, utterly clueless. Deleted everything I thought related to the game. Downloaded again. Now, I'm getting a tiny box, with illustrations from the game, offering to install various things such as DirectX. I go ahead and install all the choices. Then I click "Play Game", which is an enabled clickable choice.

When I try to launch, getting error:

C:/Users/beatcat/appData/Local/Microsoft/Windows/GameExplorer/{a7b5a4a4-c2ca-4a4.../Play.Ink is not a valid Win32 application

Downloaded VirtualCloneDrive next, and it appears as clear as mud, makes no difference.

Could someone, please, for gods sake, walk me through this?
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