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How much power?

The networks that show American football occasionally install a series of regular video cameras around the field to whip around the action to get different views of the replay of whatever just happened. It is less distracting to have a whip around than to pause and cut while showing a different angle.

It is a pretty interesting feature but not used all the time.

Meanwhile, there's Hawkeye which does something similar for tennis and cricket but uses different tech: it combines radar and high speed cams and high processing power to create a similar effect but by animation. You see the balls and the lines and then the view goes to a direct overhead even though there is no camera there and reveals the calculated trajectory to reveal if the ball is in or out of the lines or on or off target for the wicket. I have no idea how much processing power that takes, but I betcha it is more than a mundane i7 or i9.

Here's what I want to do: Boxing. Set up high medium and low cameras on each ringpost and then a director with a joystick can provide whatever angle he wants to the audience by way of composite shots. Eventually that tech moves home so anyone with an Xbox or some such can direct their own experience.

Is this some crazy **** I'm contemplating? What would it take to get that kind of thing actually going?
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