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Hello Murf ,

Thanks for reviewing this problem.. laptop has not been dropped/knocked in any way..
I take very good care of my computers, internally as well on the outside , keeping vents and keyboard clean & dust free.

I have seen suggestions of replacing/checking keyboard , but .. I wonder if that would make any difference to the Driver issue..

My reasoning could be wrong.. but how could a keyboard with cables in place etc work if there was a faulty driver issue...?
To my understanding everything needs the correct driver to make it function..

The original problem was solved by uninstalling the driver , and everything works perfectly with a USB keyboard.. the real hassle started, when as hoped , Windows failed to reinstall the driver on reboot and all attempts to reinstall the PS/2 driver has failed.

As well as having this dialogue here.. I keep looking for solutions , today I have come across few very similar discussions..

@ Tomshardware please look at the last post by Mustak..

Suggested solution : To switch back to using a PS/2 keyboard, the user needs to edit the Registry to restart thei8042prt service. To do this, InHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Serv ices\i8042prt,, edit the Startvalue and set it to a hex or decimal value of 1. Reboot and change to a PS/2 keyboard via the Keyboards section in Control Panel.

For the record , I did look at the registry and the Start value is set @ 3.. I did not change anything , just wanted to know where it was.

I'd appreciate your and Jintan's comments on this..
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