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How much are you willing to spend?
Do you want a new Laptop or a Used one?

Make a List of Features you want in you next Laptop.

Then start looking online, and find Laptops that will have the features you want, and at the price your willing to pay.

Buying used from individuals will be mostly "AS IS".
If you get it as a "Refurbished" item from say DELL, IBM, HP.
They will have a limited warranty, and may have{at extra cost} an extended warranty for it.

I agree with SpywareDr on the Lenovo ThinkPad, or an equivalent Laptop that is based on the Intel Core i5.
Will have more than enough power and speed, unless you start gaming, or doing animation rendering.

Only thing I might change is go for 512Gb on the SSD for more storage.

Signed: Ensign Tzap

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