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Originally Posted by Total Noob View Post
What are you getting that is old? Are you speaking of programs from many years ago that are only airing now for the first time ever in Australia, reruns of stuff that has been on before,
Most of the American programs on Australian TV are on the commercial stations that have advertisements included. Afraid I can't stand advertisements so only watch a few and those I usually watch on delay via my PVR so I can skip over the ads.

The old programs I was referring to are reruns, Mash, Hogans Heroes, Get Smart etc. Programs that I watched years ago as new releases were Dallas etc.

I watch mainly ABC TV (Australian Broadcasting Commission) government funded TV and Advertisement free, as well as SBS TV also partly government funded but with some ads (I also watch delayed so as to omit the ads).

ABC has British and locally produced shows with a smattering of US and Canadian programs. SBS has a few locally produced programs but many imported programs some in foreign languages with English sub-titles. Many are from European countries with some from Asia, as well as North and South America.

For your interest here is today's program guide for this area. (hope it's not geo blocked for you)
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