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MX Linux 17.1 drivers for Epson printers?

I recently wasted a lot of money buying a Canon Pixma TS9020, which had to be sent to the recyclers because it did not support XP Pro, and only sorta supported Linux (Turboprint). Turns out the three sites that claimed drivers for XP Pro and Linux were bogus. Anyway, I need to buy a replacement. After a lot of Google research, I have hacked the choices down from 21 to four:
Epson Expression ET-2700
" Expression ET-2600
" Expression XP-640
" Stylus C88+
I'm certain each works with XP Pro, and so far as I can determine, they all support Linux....although I've been unable to find out if that includes MX Linux. While knocking down the choices I found many examples of a model saying it supported Linux, later to find that meant only Red Hat, or SUSE, or some specific distro.

So my question is can anyone here (not a newbie like myself) doublecheck the above four models, and confirm that each will actually work with MX Linux?
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