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Cant reach internet speed of 60mbs using my laptop windows 7 Ultimate

Hi I am from Panama, Central America, I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite C645D... Windows 7 Ultimate.
My ISP (Internet Service Provider) is a company name "Cable Onda"
I am with them like 3 years... my service contract at the beginning was for 10Mb Internet speed, they them upgraded the internet speed to 20Mb and there was no problem I was able to do my speed test and all was very good.. This year they upgraded my internet speed to 60Mb, this is a free service they provide to their old custumers.
But now the problem is that I cant get that speed in my laptop, when I test the speed using the same webs I always use, (, I can get only lke 25Mb to 33Mb .. there are a few times I get 40Mb, but not the 60Mb. A Tech came to my home and made a speed test (wireless) with his Laptop and he is able to get the 60Mb using the same web I mentioned before, so basically isnt my ISP problem it seems to be my Laptop or the OS of my Laptop. We tried wireless or attach directly to the ISP modem/router and it is the same, cant reach the 60Mbs, but the point here is like I said before, The company tech came and tested the internet speed with his own Laptops and they are able to get the Internet Speed of 60 Mbs, not like always but they made like 10 test and they got like 55Mbs to 60Mbs. Can someone help my trying to solve this issue?.

Thanks in advance for your help
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