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I just got my update a week or so ago. However, I just had a conversation with a buddy of mine in Texas who GAVE me (for the cost of shipping) a fairly new machine with a Win 7 OS. I wanted it as a backup should something happen (god forbid) to this machine. While on the phone with him, I brought up the topic of updates-letting him know my machine arrived via UPS. I saw a similar notice somewhere ( I think a popup ad) letting me know updates for 7 will be ending in 2020. He told me that he thinks the updates will continue beyond that date. He theory was that there are too many businesses that use 7. He also mentioned that he believed that with these businesses knowing what Microsoft wants to do, have complained that ending the updates would be a nightmare for their business. He sounded firm in his response to my question. And I believed him. So I hope he is right. As far as I'm concerned, Win 7 is the best OS they have produced. Many have said they thought XP was the best. I disagree. Win. 7 has been the most stable OS for me. So I hope my friend is right. Win. 7 should be around for a long time to come.
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