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I'd just like to comment here, since all the computers I have run Windows 7.

As we learned from Vista when support for it stopped, IE no longer updated, and Firefox and Chrome quit updating on Vista. And at some point, Security Essentials quit updating as well. So Vista users had to switch to some other browser, such as Safari, and switch to maybe Panda Free Antivirus. With such minor changes, Vista still worked just fine. So maybe 7 users will have to make such changes as well, but time will tell.

And since I am one of the malware removal folks here, on the subject of no further updates, including security updates, the fact is malware coders no longer have to seek out flaws in Windows to infect computers. For quite a while now, Anyone who downloads an attachment from a bogus email, or is unfortunate enough to hit a malware coded website etc., any system with any antivirus can get infected. The malware just cripples the antivirus as it's first step. Not since XP have Windows security flaws been needed.

So like mel3986, I will continue to use Windows 7 (which I think is the best MS created, and have zero use for 8 or 10).

I'll also mention for those who plan to use & after support ends, while it still has support be sure to download any Windows 7 tools when you run across one, like the Windows 7 Update Tool. I learned the hard way with Vista that when I needed them, they were long gone.
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