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Originally Posted by Murf View Post
RT64WIN7.sys is the onboard Realtec NIC driver. This is causing the BSOD.

You need to run System File Checker (SFC)

If you can get it running, then do this:

1. Open the Start Menu, click on ALL Programs and Accessories, right click on Command Prompt and click on Run as Administrator

At the blinking cursor type in the following:

SFC /scannow (there is a space between "C" and "/")

Hit enter

Let it run then reboot see if that helps.

If that doesn't then try reinstalling your NIC driver:

Ok, thanks for the advice. I should say that long before I ever posted here, I did run Scannow, about a thousand times.

It never found or fixed anything.

Same with everything else. I've run scans and scans and scans with all sorts of things, and they all say, NOPE everything is perfect.

However, I AM following your directions and will post the results.

I should mention that at the moment I am running on One RAM stick and did have one BSOD. However since I turned OFF both Microsoft Security Essentials and turned off AdAware, the computer is running like a dream
FAST FAST FAST FAST even with literally a dozen programs running at the same time.

That is the goal I wanted. NO MORE SLOW. FAST FAST FAST with zero frustration.

Just saying............