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Ok, in a fit of despair and desperation I tried again to instert one RAM stick, pushing down with a huge insane amount of force. As expected I heard a "snap" as if something were breaking. Instead, it was evidently the sound of the stick FINALLY going in.
Tested, and the computer did reboot. However, the monitor was all messed up, everything too big. Sort of adjusted it myself, but not really back to normal.

At any rate, I am going to limp along on this one stick and wait for a Blue Screen as you have advised.

When blue screen appears, it would be nice if I could just save a screen shot of it, is there any way to do that? Hm. I guess I can take a photo with my phone.

Will report any BSOD info as it happens. Gonna give this bout 48 hours to test, then try the other stick.

Meanwhile, I've got brand NEW RAM coming in the mail

A couple questions: Can a RAM stick be only PARTIALLY bad or is it either completely functional or completely dead?

Should I leave the old stick in, and put the new sticks into the expansion slots?
Risks? Rewards?

Thank you.