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OK,i did exactly what I said I would in my last post. When I did the computer would not boot. Fansdidcome on. Made two beeps, silent, then same two beeps and repeat
At this point I have tried all possible arrangements of both sticks.
Unlike the first time with just one in and one removed that configuration will no longer bolt
All I get now are beeps
Advice online suggests the ram sticks are not pushed in far enough

I get them in, push pretty hard
Advice online says the white clips should engage and lock by themselves but they do not
Manually closed lips.
Even with clips closed I am able to pull sticks out
I'm exhausted and terrified to hat my reluctNcd to follow your advice was well founded. It appears I hVd broken the machine. Laboriously typing this on a tiny cell phone. Definitely one of the worst experiences of my lifd