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Originally Posted by Jintan View Post
Don't see anything that might cause blue screens. I don't see the Additions.txt log, which would show what's installed. When you mention being reminded about driver updates, it suggests you have Driver Update or some similar software installed. Doesn't really help, and usually wants to be purchased. If so you can just uninstall it.

I have heard those rumors about turning off or not turning off your computer. I have had computers running for years, both staying on and being turned off every day, and never noticed a difference.

Kinda wish you would just do the RAM checking procedure I mentioned, since it would show whether or not RAM is the BSOD culprit.
Thank you for your help advice and patience. This is a very stressful thing for me.

I did have something that more or less installed itself as some kind of Driver updater. Deleted it because I suspected malware, a couple of weeks ago.

I run malwarebytes and it never finds anything.
I run Microsoft Security Essentials, it never finds anything.

Currently I have turned off AdBlock Plus and have turned off Microsoft Security Essentials, which are both criminally insane resouce hogs.

Tried Chrome again, and it is running at BLAZING FAST speed again with so far within two days no Blue Screen Crash.

I think all this "security" stuff is what is the actual problem at the root of nine thousand percent of all issues.

my friend works in IT, and I asked about this.
She says, You have to give up Windows 7 and upgrade eventually.

I ask why?

She says because they will stop patching the security holes that hackers find.

I ask.....if Hakckers can find holes, WHY WHY WHY WHY didn't the original people at Microsoft simply design / program / build the Windows 7 without those security flaws in the first place.

She replies, We IT people know how to do it CORRECTLY IN THE FIRST PLACE but super hyper greeedy nazi republican corporate managers only care about deadlines and profit, not about doing things right in the first place. We programmers are NOT IN CONTROL of the product that ends up in your hands.

They actually MAKE MORE MONEY when hackers destroy their old products.

Ok, ok, I really despise the idea of getting electrocuted but I will try pulling out the RAM one stick at a time.