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Suggestions on cleaning-speeding up Win 7 laptop.

I'm trying to clean up & speed up a Win7 pro HP laptop. I haven't used Win7 in a long time. The laptop has Intel i3-3110M, 2.40 GHz, 8GB Ram, OS x64. So can you recommend the best steps to do a cleanup & speed up on a system like this? It has no 3rd party AV or malware programs. it just has built in Win Defender. I was thinking about doing the following.
-Update Win 7.
-Uninstall any 3rd party junk programs.
-Run Malwarebytes scan.
-Run Defender scan.
*Any other suggestions to run?

Is "Search & Destroy" still a good AV/Malware program?
Can you recommend any free diagnostic programs that can scan/test the PC to see if it's running close to optimal speed?
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