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Both Firefox and Chrome taking up too much CPU

I can tell they're taking up the CPU memory because I go to task manager and while I don't run Firefox and Chrome at the same time, every time I run one of them, the Chrome or Firefox is listed many times in the task manager and the percentages by the Chrome or Firefox are the highest out of all the processes I've got running. I only have one browser and one window or tab open. It shouldn't appear more than once. I've tried suggestions I've found online but nothing helps. Tried changing settings on Chrome and Firefox but nothing. How do I get Chrome or Firefox to show up once on the task manager or get it to not take up so much CPU? I have a problem with this because it's messing up my audio on Youtube. The volume slowly gets quiet til you can barely hear it until you pause the video then you can play it again and it's fine but I'm tired of having to pause it and wait all the time.
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