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Originally Posted by Ned Seagoon View Post
Are you getting any beeps when it is starting?

No beeps****

Have you checked inside that everything is seated correctly,


I know this is a bit hard with an all in one, but perhaps should be checked.
How old is the machine?
It's got factory installed win 8 so around the time of 8s release****

Been any power surges or storms?


Have you tried starting it with your installation DVD or similar.
No**** I try that

Have you tried booting it with a simple operating system on a CD, or USB Drive, linux mint for example?
I have a Ubuntu live USB I can try but I know it's a software issue****

Lot of things you can do to try and get it running so as to be able to isolate where the problem lies.

Someone may be able to talk you down once we have a few answers to the above.
Yea there is literally nothing wrong with the machine other than it's running hard and won't show the desktop it boots up fine no abnormal sounds while booting it loads the welcome screen you enter the password and login in then it goes black and all you can see is the cursor

Answering questions in quoted text above

I really wanna avoid a nuke and pave scenario
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