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Black Screen of Death / with cursor only

So I have this HP Aio machine I've been working on it for a few days now getting nowhere here's the problem...

Won't load safe mode can't use system restore it fails can't refresh windows drive is locked it will boot into windows the welcome/login screen appears put in password it and it starts to go into windows but it stays black but I can move the cursor and I can hit Ctrl alt delete and select task manager and it will come up and I can then go to task and try various methods basically I can run anything at this point I do notice the CPU is running at a constant 100% so the system is slowed down but I can't bring up the desktop for nothing.

Any suggestions?

I've watched a dozen different videos read a ton of articles for similar problems but nothing for this specific issue.

I've thought about display issues but it's got a integrated graphics chip it's like something is loaded as it loads windows and gets stalled blocking shell from loading.

I'm standing by....

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