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Ok the issue started again so I'm here. This is the display driver listed in my device manager: AMD Radeon HD 8400. Went to the amd website and used the autodetect utility. I'm told I need to install radeon crimson relive 17.10.2 minimal setup. I looked into that and it tells me on amd's website that it's for windows 7. I have windows 8.1 and checking to see if it's compatible with 8400 series, I don't see 8400 series listed (except on mobile but I'm trying to get this on my desktop). What's up with autodetect now? So I tried the other option by giving the amd website information. Once I got to step 2, I selected Radeon 8xxx Series then step 3, I had no other choices besides autodetect and install, radeon 8500 series or not sure. I tried "not sure" in step 3 then none of the options in step 4 applies to me because I have a windows 8.1. Does AMD no longer support drivers for windows 8.1?

Then I just decided to google AMD Radeon HD 8400 and found it on amd's website! Looks like it's over a year old. Catalyst software suite released in 2015? The radeon software crimson edition beta was released in 2016? Even if I did download one of those, I wouldn't know which to download.

I had thought of uninstalling every trace of the graphics drivers I got so I can start fresh using Display Drivers utility but after googling about that, I'm reluctant to because sounds like the utility can cause more problems than help like deleting system files the DDU wasn't supposed to delete. So I wanted to try and do this without using the utility if possible. I've done this before and always had problems, BSOD and that stuff so I don't know for sure if this is going to work.

EDIT: Oh sorry, forgot to post the info you asked for. Version 13.301.1001.0 and the date was 12/20/13. I found an old thread from the amd community where I had this problem (before I thought the problem finally went away) and they did suggest getting the new update from windows updates which I did later and didn't have any more problems for a long time. They were telling me I probably have problems that has nothing to do with AMD but maybe a malware. I scan for that stuff quite often and never had a problem. Perhaps doing another scan would be worth a shot. At this time, this problem is only happening when I'm using Chrome and on Facebook.

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