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Display Adapter needed?


I went to uninstall my AMD graphic drivers because it's been giving me errors so I thought I'd reinstall through windows updates, although there's none that I can find. Anyway, as I uninstalled it, I uninstalled the display adapter from my device manager not knowing that I did so. Do I really need it? I know it's better for games but I hardly play games at all. I just watch videos and use the audio for music and videos. I was surprised that I could still watch videos and hear anything. Curious how the videos are still working even without my display adapter. Do I still need it? I'm always having trouble with display drivers so I'd rather not deal with it if I don't need the adapter and I can still watch videos and hear the audio. Is there a situation I might come across where I really need the display adapter other than games like a black screen or something?


Oh, and I have Windows 8.1, not 8.

EDIT: Never mind. Shut down and started up computer and the display adapter came back and my display driver is still there now. I had an error so I was trying to uninstall my AMD driver, not knowing the driver would just reinstall itself. Hopefully I won't get another error. Seem like I always get the same one published in December 2013 (AMD Radeon HD 8400) no matter whenever I uninstall it. I know it's old but that's all my PC has been installing. I find it safer to get the driver that way because the ones from the AMD website just gives me problems. I got this one from windows updates. Shouldn't there be a newer one and installed on its own by windows updates by now?

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