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Angry Sorry, we can't connect to Microsoft services at the moment.....Please Help

Essentially I have been using my computer running on windows 8 for a few years with zero issues. I have used the computer for basically just gaming and internet. One day I went to launch one of the games I (Battlefield 1) play almost daily and it failed to launch. I tried a few other games & software that are recent (battlefield 4, batman, GTA5, Adobe Premiere, etc) and they all had launch issues and some stating they could not connect to the internet.

I noticed two main things when this problem first started. One is that it appears that the games are having trouble either getting permission to access internet or something is preventing them from launching. The second was that I noticed that my start tiles for apps for windows 8, on the start page, were no longer updating. Furthermore I could not download new apps or create a new account to launch and play my games that way because I would receive this error message consistently:

"Sorry, we couldnīt connect to Microsoft services at the moment, if this problem persists search for 'network problems' on then start screen"

Obviously I tried searching this in addition to doing the most basic typical solutions with zero luck. Of course I am connected to the internet via direct connection. I believe this issue is the culprit that is affecting my programs. I have spent countless days searching the web for a solution with no luck, I am actually praying someone could help me here!!!

Thank you for your consideration in advance!
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