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Originally Posted by zipulrich View Post
You don't. It's only designed to kill running apps.

I downloaded and played with a cache cleaner, and aside from annoying adverts (it's a free version) it worked as advertised. I uninstalled it yesterday tho, as I saw no benefits from using it. Oh well.
I tried different apps to disable running tasks and found that it would turn them off but a few minutes later, the tasks would turn back on. in addition I found the cache cleaner would delete the cache from the apps but not android updates. they may have gotten better since but I really do not see a need for it.

Following Dan's instructions won't brick your telephone. Not following exactly can have bad results.
In frustration, a friend's wife last week 'reset' her phone following directions she found online. It worked - but it cleared all her contacts, text messages, etc. Not what she wanted or expected to happen.
and that is why you always need to keep a backup :-)