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Originally Posted by zipulrich View Post
And if, like me, you don't have Windows on your telephone??
This is phones/tablets we're talking about here...

sorry was not paying attention to the forum I was in. clicked on new posts

there are several ways to get rid of junk files on android. the one I use is as follows so it is not really an app. It also fixes a lot of minor problems from wifi to freezes

1. powering off the device
2. press the VOLUME UP + HOME + POWER buttons all the same time and HOLD THEM DOWN
3. release only the POWER button when the device vibrates
4. release the other buttons when the ANDROID SYSTEM RECOVERY screen appears
5. using the VOLUME DOWN / UP buttons to navigate, select WIPE CACHE PARTITION
6. press the POWER button, which will act the ENTER key on your keyboard

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