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Unwanted Notices

Win 7; no brand computer. I believe it is an i3.

I am starting to get pop up notices in two categories: one from no charge software that I use (such as AVG) soliciting me to buy the paid version or at least update what I have so I can get solicited at its website, and another from a website I visited once, obviously with advertising, which thank goodness has not been of the NSAW variety.

I have been unable to prevent it, and the AVG pop up actually costs me because my computer won't go to sleep until I do something with the ad. The AVG pop up occurs even if I am not using the Internet (though I am attached all the time).

As this happened without being on the web, I figured that it had something to do with processes or services, with no avail. AVG won't let you turn off its service; the website seems to have left no trace of how to shut it down.

The other thought I had was that this had something to do with cookies, so I wiped them on each of my browsers (firefox, chrome) and again with cCleaner, and that did not seem to help either.

What is the next step? I guess I could remove AVG and install something else and see what happens, but that is pretty drastic since AVG otherwise is about the best virus protection I have used, paid or unpaid. And I guess I could find a more comprehensive cookie cleaner, if I knew where to find one.

And as I write this, Avast just sent me a pop up on my Win 10 HP Elite Book laptop, and I was prohibited from stopping any services or processes whose name seemed to suggest it had a bearing on this, presumably opening the door to unlimited pop ups anytime I use the damn thing, such as when I am watching a movie or typing up my work.

Any thoughts?
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