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Long story, but now over. A friend brought me two desktops and two laptops. Said the laptops just needed XP reinstalled. I fixed the desktops, and one of the laptops just had a forgotten password and a Netware login, which I fixed handily.

The other Dell laptop had a BIOS password, and a Lenovo power adapter with a hexagon old Dell power jack wired to it, and the hex jack was rammed into the round charging port hole. I did the steps to remove the BIOS password, not knowing that the password was actually stored on an Eprom chip and my method wouldn't work. I had the friend come get the three fixed computers. Her adult son, maybe about 58, came with her. Could tell he probably lives with Mommy, and his daily goal is to wake up in time to watch Jerry Springer (and probably WWF, which he calls reality tv). He knew the BIOS password, and admitted to be the genius who jury rigged the power adapter.

I fired the laptop up, and right off ran into the fact no drivers were installed. And a stick of RAM needed replacing. I finally located the wifi driver, got it on line, then realized that Windows really needed reinstalling. I downloaded the XP Media Center iso, and reinstalled Windows. But no longer had the wifi driver. Today half the screen was black, and I decided to pull the plug on this project.
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