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Wireless connection.

As I had posted on here earlier, I used a colander and a USB wireless adapter to make a type of wireless parabolic antenna. This one:

But my wireless speeds were never quite up to par. Some spammer here posted in an old thread that discussed wifi extender use, and I decided to try it. Got a D-Link off Ebay for about $13 USD, and it did bring my motor home wireless up to 20 MBPS (at best). But I had to plug it in to my garage and leave it outdoors, so thought about all sorts of fancy techniques to protect it from the weather. Then I spied an old bird feeder in my garage. Plastic, so won't interfere with the signal much, and a roof over it. So I used that>

So now my wireless goes from the router to the bird feeder to the colander. That my friends is Hi-Tech.
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