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Hi murf,

I'll run through each part:

1. Click "Start", type in "Services.msc" (without quotes), hit <enter>

2. Double click Windows Installer

3. Set the Startup type of Windows Installer to "Manual"

4. Click "Start" to start the service

5. Click "OK"

See if it pops up now
I went into servcies.msc, windows installer was already as manual startup type, but it was stopped. So I started it, no pop ups came now though, when I changed this.


Then try the System File Checker tool

I ran this from cmd, once it had finished it came back with this:

Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations.

I assume from this, it did not find any issues there, and no further steps for fixes at that point from the link.

If not then try the Windows Repair from, I have used, its free and may fix the problem.
I did use this a few times with olgun, mainly for other fixes I guess.

I ran this again, but just for repairs to windows installer. It completed and restarted but unfortunately has not fixed the issue.

Thank you.
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