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Ok well I wound up buying a Dell Inspiron 3671 with Win10 on it and I think I hate it, too much junk and I can't find anything. I may wind up in the Win10 forum. I must say this has been flying when I have several heavy duty things open at the same time, so I love that. Thanks guys for your input
Yeah, Windows 10 is chocked full of junk that you will never use or want.

My one brother went too Windows 10, after Win 7 finally ended support.
He absolutely hates it. It kept trying to setup "Edge" as the Default browser.
Setup "Microsoft Store" App, Hiding "Windows Defender" so you can't manually run it.

Setup "Phone" App for making phone calls with your computer.
Setting up "Cortana" on your computer.
Set up Streaming services like "NetFlix".
Plus, the search box will automatically open "Edge" when you are trying to find a file on your computer of other device you may have connected too it.
Thus, it will give you web search results, a long with what was on your Drives.

A lot of the App's can not be uninstalled.
{At least not easily.}

This reminds of how Microsoft bundled a bunch of programs with the Operating System Win98 & WinMe, when you bought your computer.
Thus, dominating the market share of Operating Systems.

Signed: Ensign Tzap
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