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No restore point.. I was looking at everything I could find with this issue... I had no idea what happened.. I even went into the area of accounts... My computer has always had an account set up because I was required to have it secured in order to work from home from by job... when I went into that area, I found that my account profile was showing as temporary.. not as a regular account.. it showed that I was administrator and that my account was password protected... So, I started digging online for information on an account showing temporary...
I found a video that said to fix the temporary issue.. to go to the registry, which I don't mess with often unless I have clear instructions on what to do.. I know what can happen if you mess up something in it.. I found the Profilelist in HKEY-LOCAL-MACHINE and found the SID for my account had one that had .bak at the end.. when I looked at each SID, one without the .bak showed "Temporary" and the one with .bak showd "owner" which is how my account is listed in the computer (not sure why it isn't my name but that's beside the point..) the video said to delete the SID that showed as "Temp" and remove the .bak off the SID that is my account. I did this and rebooted the computer... when it came back up... all was working and back as it was before I did that first reboot that created the Temp profile.. WHY it did it, I have no clue... But sure am glad it is back working...
So, if anyone has this type of an issue.. if they have an account profile set up on the computer, have them check their profile to see if it is showing "Temporary" ... It could be the issue

thanks for your reply...
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