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Angry Lost most everything on hard drive

I have an HP Pavillion.. it is running Windows 10 .. I logged in this morning and all was fine... I had a program that was not working so at times when it gives me issues, I do a reboot of the computer and it will work right... I was going to use the program and it wasn't working so did a reboot.. When the laptop came up, everything on the desktop was gone, nothing was working... my desktop image was gone.. pics I had in the picture folder gone, documents gone, etc.. gone.. my programs not working that I use all the time... All my desktop folders I was using are gone..
I tried to reboot again and still did not come back. IF I go into "This PC" and choose Local Disk C and go to Users>Owner> I can see all the desktop folders, the shortcuts to programs I use everyday... but if I click on them.. the programs show to not be installed anymore.. they are all gone... certain programs are still installed but most are not showing installed anymore..
I don't know what to do to get them back working... Thank goodness I save all my pictures, my work, most documents to an external drive... but there are times when I download something, create something and it will be on the Disk C til I move to the external..
ANY idea what I can do to get my hard drive back like it was?? am I going to have to totally installed all my programs again?? At this point I'm totally lost... when it rebooted the first time when all was gone ... it said I had to sign out of some app.. no clue what it was ... If I bring up the start menu, it is totally changed, all the programs I had on the start for quick clicking on, are gone.. I can look at the list of programs on the start menu list and I can see some programs there in name only...
I'm lost and sure hope someone can help me...

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