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Originally Posted by Ned Seagoon View Post
Interesting you mentioning older operating systems, up until I left work some years ago we had several laptops running DOS 3.3 with a customised application installed, they were used to log, calibrate and reset parameters on some radio communications equipment, but that's all they were used for and they were never used on line. Worked perfectly.

The only problem with using unsupported software is that it does contain vulnerabilities that have not been patched. The hackers are not the problem, the problems are the infected machines that release viruses and worms that seek out these vulnerabilities. The unsupported machine is at risk whenever there is an infected machine anywhere on a network to which the machine is connected, and if that network is the internet, the infected machine could be anywhere.

Just ask Jintan, he's the bloke here who has the job of cleaning infected machines. And with respect, just because you have not heard of anyone having a problem doesn't mean it doesn't happen.
Knock on wood I been running AVG for a hundred years and think I only got a virus once way back when I first started using a computer. I've had more trouble with malware. I'm very cautious about what I click on and open and that's the only thing that concerns me is the security updates running an unsupported Win. With my XP I just use it for searching mostly if this one goes down.
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